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Lowell "Hijaho" Harris

President CEO

Radio Talk Show Host

Lowell "Hijaho" Harris hailing from Indiapolis Indiana, had been interested in radio for years, but recently came across an opportunity to invest in online radio in 2014. Due to unforeseen events, the first venture was not a success. Refusing to give in, he partnered with close friend Jordan "DJ Jay Biz" Bridgewaters to continue the dream of creating interactive online radio for all genres of music.

Jordan "DJ Jay Biz" Bridgewaters

Vice President COO

Radio DJ

Jordan "DJ Jay Biz" Bridgewaters Started his journey in music in 2010, as a local DJ for the skating rink in Louisville Kentucky. Over several years he ventured out of DJing and into Audio engineering, production, and radio. With a wide knowledge of music, He and Lowell joined forces to create the ultimate interactive radio experience


Lamone "Poetry N Motion" Rogers

Radio Personality

Radio Talk Show Co-host

Lamone "Poetry N Motion" Rogers, Long time friend of 365fm founder (Lowell "Hijaho" Harris) was brought in early on to co-host the Famous Wednesday Mix show. With a keen background in public speaking, his learning curb was rather short, as he took to the air waves like a fish in water.

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